Pleased to meet St Ewe Eggs

At Mallards, we’re all super eggcited (sorry) to be working with the fabulous St Ewe eggs. We’ve all long been fans of their superb free-range eggs (especially the delicious rich yolk variety!), so we’re delighted to team up with them.

St Ewe started around 30 years ago in Ventonwyn Farm in Tregony near Truro, when the Tonks family diversified into poultry farming. More and more shoppers and chefs started insisting on free-range, so ten years ago the St Ewe team started working with other family farms to help meet the demand. All the supplier farms must meet the St Ewe standards of poultry welfare and quality eggs.

St Ewe know that “happy hens make tasty eggs”, and their chickens definitely come first! They spend their days happily outdoors in the fresh Cornish air, coming indoors at night to roost in their spacious accommodation. As well as pecking among the grass in the meadows, “the girls” as they’re known enjoy a specially-designed feed, which keeps the hens healthy and the eggs delicious.

A natural antioxidant called selenium is added to the feed. This trace mineral occurs in volcanic soil (so is pretty low in most of Europe), and is linked to the protection of cells around the human pancreas. 5p of every “Boost the Roost” box of eggs is donated to the Pancreatic Cancer UK charity. November is World Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, and St Ewe will be involved with fundraising.

So, what are St Ewe and Mallards going to be working on together? As Douglas says, “You can do a lot with an egg”, and we’re busy hatching lots of plans…

We don’t just work with heritage attractions and museums. Mallards also produces one-off bespoke pieces and even ranges of unique gifts for commercial clients like St Ewe. Whatever your business, we’re keen to hear from you; and as there’s no minimum order, you can try your bespoke product out on your customers. To find out more, please get in touch with us.