From one-off pieces to whole collections

Our process for producing your bespoke jewellery

Step 1

We take inspiration from the place itself

Each project is unique; however they all follow the same main stages. We start by discussing your ideas. We’ll visit your attraction or business, and can work from archives, drawings or photographs. From a combination of your thoughts and our inspiration, we’ll come up with some design suggestions. And don’t forget – there’s no minimum order requirement so it’s easy to try out new ideas.

Step 2

Then to the drawing board…

We sketch out our initial ideas by hand, and in certain cases, we also use a CAD drawing. If you like the look of the design, we’ll then create a sample of the piece which will give you a better idea of the finished product.

Step 3

Making the sample

Now it’s over to our Birmingham workshop to make your free, no-obligation sample. A wax mold is created from the images and goes to be cast to produce a sterling silver “master” (the sample piece). Alternatively, we make a silver or bronze master by hand. We’ll show it to you, and discuss any adjustments to the design. When you’re happy…

Step 4

Creating your bespoke order

There’s no minimum order, so simply let us know how many items you require. When the design is finalised, we’ll go back to the workshop and create your products. We can also provide bespoke gift boxes, and if you like, we can include an information card for each item.

We’ll involve you at each step, ensuring you get a final product that’s perfect for your customers.