A perfect little pig pendant

Meet one of our latest commissions: a neat little sterling silver pig pendant. We’ve become very fond of the lively-looking little fellow!

We see plenty of pigs down here in the South West, where Mallards is based, as the region’s home to some of Britain’s top pig breeds. The famous Gloucester Old Spot is a gentle pig that’s now bred all over the country, but started out grazing in Gloucestershire’s cider orchards.

A small black and pink piglet peeps out of the straw.
An inquisitive little piglet

The Black Pig comes from Devon, although it’s thought to originate from China, and reached the region via Cornish ports. A very big pig, it provides plenty of superb-quality meat. The British Lop is another local breed, named for its distinctive floppy ears. Try the delicious pork from Trevaskis Farm in West Cornwall, where the happy Lops enjoy life in the fresh Cornish air and visitors can admire their gorgeous piglets.

Pigs are primarily bred for their meat; however they have become fashionable pets recently, and they can actually be house trained. But, these intelligent animals are easily bored, eat lots, and even smaller varieties can get pretty hefty. Unless you have a smallholding, it’s probably wisest to stick with dogs or cats…

Instead of inviting one into your home, show your love for the popular pig with our pretty sterling silver pendant. A far more manageable size than the real thing, the lovely silver pig is 24mm long, perfect for a necklace or a charm bracelet. A cute little chap, he has pricked-up ears and a pert expression, and is clearly on the move somewhere!

A little silver pig pendant by Mallards.
A sterling silver pig pendant by Mallards.

If you’d like to home our little pig, he’s available to buy from Bonds the Jewellers. He started out as a commission for a pig enthusiast, and if there’s any animal you’d like to see immortalised in sterling silver, please get in touch. We don’t have a minimum order, so we’re happy to take one-off commissions; and our bespoke work is very reasonably priced.