Mallards provide a Woodford pocket watch for the Disney Alice movie

If you’re filming a movie based on an iconic novel, it’s important to get all the details right – and that includes finding the right period pocket watch. So, the props team from the new Disney film, Alice Through the Looking Glass, approached Mallards’ parent company, Bonds the Jewellers, for a pocket watch.

Disney’s sequel to Alice in Wonderland sees the eponymous heroine (Mia Wasikowska) trying to save her friend the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) by defeating Time (played by Sacha Baron Cohen as half man, half clock).

As time has such a big part to play in this film, naturally the props team had to find the right watch! Three years ago, they approached Bonds the Jewellers, Mallards’ parent company, with the brief to find a suitably Victorian looking pocket watch for the new film.

 We were delighted to be asked, and helped them choose a Woodford sterling silver full hunter pocket watch. It’s a lovely watch, with a classic white Roman dial, and a gleamingly polished full hunter case. The simple, smart design makes it a good choice for a watch that needs to stand out in a film.

Watchmakers Woodford started out in Birmingham’s famous jewellery quarter in 1860 – appropriately, the same decade that Lewis Carroll published his first Alice novel! Woodford’s watches are inspired by historic pocket watch design, so worked well with the film’s Victorian costumes.

To find out more about the watch that Disney used, or any of our other classic pocket watches, please contact us.

And if you go to see the film, please watch out for our pocket watch!