Bringing jewellery to life: the Mallards Collection photo shoot

This week saw a first for the Mallards’ Collection: a professional photo shoot. The idea of preparing a portfolio of images of Mallards’ jewellery came from our creative designer, Krystal Fanning. With various adverts and printed material coming up, it was time that we had access to our own suite of high-quality photographs.

Krystal designed the mood boards for the photo shoot; and Mallards’ own Douglas arranged for photographer Emma Griffin to come along and work her magic. Douglas arranged for us to use a reception room at The Carbis Bay Hotel in St Ives. Emma arrived with partner Steve Kenyon, make-up artist Stacey Cremin, and model Kendall Royden. Nail artist Hannah Bond completed the team.

Preparing for Mallards' photo shoot at the Carbis Bay Hotel
Getting ready: Hannah Bond and Stacey Cremin get to work

“When we saw Mallards’ jewellery”, says Emma, “We knew immediately that it had to be Kendall with her English Rose looks.” And she was so right. Kendall brings a classic, intelligent beauty to the jewellery that sits perfectly with Mallards’ heritage brand.

Hannah and Stacey immediately started working on Kendall’s look, while Douglas prepared the jewellery. Emma, Steve and Krystal dressed the set. The hotel had given us the Sylvanus Trevail Room for the day, complete with marble fireplace and velvet-covered sofas – perfect for a feeling of luxurious elegance. The hotel team helpfully met our requests for random objects such as tall vases, and kept the coffee coming. Yours truly (Mallards’ content writer) mainly drank the coffee and asked questions about false eyelashes.

Mallards' photo shoot at the Carbis Bay hotel: a silver bee charm, and a model behind a table
Douglas arranges a silver bee charm, while Kendall gets into position

Emma and Steve produced all sorts of brilliant props from their bags, Mary Poppins style (including realistic fake candles and battery-powered fairy lights) and created still-life sets. Meanwhile, Krystal was draping garments over the chairs, working out which colours and textures should go with which Mallards’ pieces.

The Sylvanus Trevail Room, divested of any modern details and dressed with elegant props, was ready. Kendall, cheerful and chatty in real life, took her place behind the velvet-draped table and instantly transformed into the beautiful, poised character of the sophisticated Mallards’ model. Emma and Steve tried different lighting options, before declaring it “Perfect.” Mallards’ first photo shoot had started.

Mallards' model at the Carbis Bay Hotel photo shoot
And Mallards’ first photo shoot begins…

Emma has produced a stunning collection of photographs. She’s captured both the exquisite detail of Douglas’ intricate silverwork, and the elegant essence of the brand. Kendall and the beautiful setting have brought the jewellery to life in a way that basic item close-ups can’t.

These photos are just a taster of what’s to come. We’ll keep you in the picture…